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Are your leadership habits supporting your success?

Jun 2, 2021

About the greatest predictor of high performance in your professional and personal life

From religions to self-help gurus, the received wisdom exhorts people to be mindful, deliberative, and conscious in all they do. In contrast, contemporary research in psychology shows that it is actually people’s unconscious routines—or habits—that form the bedrock of everyday life. Without habits, people would be doomed to plan, consciously guide, and monitor every action, from making that first cup of coffee in the morning to sequencing the finger movements in a Chopin piano concerto or ... lead an organization.

The power to change our habits is the key to achieving our desired outcomes. When a person understands how to deconstruct and re-make their existing habits, they will be able to change and adapt to any circumstance.

  • What are the benefits of habits?

  • What are the downsides?

  • What habits do we want to change?

  • What habits do we want to acquire?

  • How?

Let's discuss!

Join us!

Inspiring Conversations by Inspiring Culture Association is a virtual live meeting space to facilitate personal and professional development. A simple platform where start-uppers and leaders can share views, learn and support each other on practical and significant leadership topics. Pick the session you want to attend and join us!

There is one 60’ session per language (French, Italian, English) open every Thursday.

Join us!

Are your leadership habits supporting your success?
Inspiring Conversations

Inspiring Conversations

Videó lejátszása

Az Inspiring Conversations by Inspiring Culture Association egy virtuális élő találkozóhely, amely megkönnyíti a személyes és szakmai fejlődését.


Egy platform, ahol a kezdő vállalkozások és a vezetők megoszthatják nézeteiket, tanulhatnak és támogathatják egymást gyakorlati és jelentős vezetői témákban. Válassza ki azt a foglalkozást, amelyen részt szeretne venni, és csatlakozzon hozzánk!


Nyelvenként (francia, olasz, angol) egy 60 perces foglalkozás van nyitva minden csütörtökön.

Csatlakozz hozzánk!

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