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The Power of Habit

Based on the bestseller by Charles Duhigg and the latest science in habit formation, The Power of Habit teaches how habits work and how to develop effective habits using skill instead of willpower. The course teaches a skillset for mastering any habit. You might call this skillset the habit of all habits. The one to rule them all.

The greatest predictor of high performance

Build healthy professional and personal habits with less effort and greater success.

Habits affect performance more than talent, intelligence, luck, or decision making. Most know this, yet they struggle to take control of their habits to get the outcomes they want. Download our course overview to learn how The Power of Habit can help you gain mastery over the one thing that’s in your control: your own behavior.

The Power of Habit
Tanulási formák

Virtuális? Igény szerinti? Személyes? Beszédek?

Hozza ki mindegyikből a legjobbat – a saját időben tanulás rugalmasságát és a hatékony társas tanulást – a különböző tanulási formátumok keverésével.

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