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Any leader—senior, emerging, even those without formal authority—can replace persuasion and perks with powerful influence strategies and skills that actually change behavior.

Leadership is influence

Design and implement large-scale initiatives for lasting behavior change.

When facing persistent, resistant challenges,

leaders often surrender to poor results or invest in change efforts that waste time and resources. And yet it’s possible to influence behavior with surprisingly predictable success.

For the past thirty years, we’ve studied leaders with a proven ability to influence rapid, profound and sustainable change. And here’s what we know: human behavior is grounded in six sources of influence. Effective leaders know how to leverage and apply these sources to influence real results.

Tanulási formák

Virtuális? Igény szerinti? Személyes? Beszédek?

Hozza ki mindegyikből a legjobbat – a saját időben tanulás rugalmasságát és a hatékony társas tanulást – a különböző tanulási formátumok keverésével.

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